About The Restorer  

Iíve been collecting radios for more than 40 years. I didn't have much time to restore them during my working career but when I retired three years ago I decided it was time to bring my collection back into service.

I first became interested in electronics and in particular radios when I was in high school and built my first superheterodyne. I then spent several years in the navy as an electronics technician perfecting my hands-on trouble-shooting when repairing naval radios and radar systems. Unfortunately when I was picked up for officer training and sent to military college to study engineering my 'hands-on' opportunities became limited. I then spent 30 years working as a systems engineer and project manager for the navy where I was relegated to the world of design and management.
When I retired I couldnít wait to get back to the bench I left 30 years ago and do some hands-on trouble-shooting which Iíve always enjoyed. My first revelation was how much I had forgotten. Techniques that were second-nature to me 30 years ago had to be re-learned and practiced. Fortunately most things came back quickly but I still find that I learn something new with each restoration.
Jim Hutton